You and Your Horse

Finding your own way with horses

Basics of proper movement

In order to be able to fulfill what we want from a horse, it has to learn how to move properly.

Our Lungeing Course

Our self-teaching programme shows you how to train your horse to move well and in a healthy way.

In a Horse’s Life…

What is our role in our horse’s life and what can we do to make them happy?

Letting a horse be a horse

Horses are not humans – a fact which often seems to be forgotten. Let’s try to see their point of view!

"Horses always have reasons for their behaviour – often they don't understand or can't fulfill what we ask from them, because they are in pain or they are frightened or can't concentrate and so on. We take this insight plus the will to see the horse's side of things as the basis of our approach to working with horses. Our goal is to handle and train horses in a calm and relaxing way which enables them to understand us, helps them to become and stay healthy and provides them with fun and motivation."

Recent Blog Posts

Here you find our newest blogposts.

Aug 11, 2016

Basics about anatomy and biomechanics – Part 5: The various neck postures

This article helps to see which neck posture is good or bad for the horse.

Jun 1, 2016

Basics about anatomy and biomechanics – Part 4: 
The equine neck

Concerning the neck of the horse, “nob down” is not enough; actually quite the contrary.

May 13, 2016

Basics about anatomy and biomechanics – Part 3: 
Bending the haunches

A collected horse will shift his center of gravity backwards, hence the forehand will be lifted and becomes lighter and the back is raised.


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