You and Your Horse

Finding your own way with horses

In a Horse’s Life…

Some thoughts about our job for our horse.

What do we want to be in a horse’s life?

Many people dream of becoming a real friend to their horse, a loved person, a trusted partner. But actually many of us force horses to do things they do not want to do or do not understand, punish them if they do not obey and far too often do not recognize or appreciate what our horses need or want. So, to be honest, we are sometimes rather the worst part in a day of a horse’s life …

So, let’s think again: What do we want to be in a horse’s life?

We believe that it is our job to fulfill the natural needs of our horses and handle them as the animals they are as best as we can, which means for example:

  • to let them live as freely as possible together with other horses, because we can never be a substitute for other horses,
  • to feed them not too much, but not too little either, but just the right amount so that they are satisfied and stay healthy,
  • to communicate in a way that enables them to understand what we would like rather than forcing them to do what we want,
  • sometimes rather just watch them instead of working with them with our own stress levels pulsating or with wrong expectations,
  • to accept if they do not want to do something, if they are frightened,  or behave strangely or if they cannot concentrate and try something different.

What we want to be in a horse’s life is the good part. Therefore we should try to make sure that they can live like horses like to live and if possible to offer a nice and fun entertainment-part of the day.

We should understand that we have no right to force horses to do what we want, but we can kindly ask them and gain their motivation to spend a part of their time with us joyfully and willingly.


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