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Article about our lungeing course

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Article about our lungeing course

Here you can read an interesting report by Yvonne Eberling which appeared in the Icelandic Horse Quarterly 3/09. It shows the positive effects of correct lungeing with our course in lungeing.

We recently found this article in our little archive and we think that it shows so well what you can achieve with a proper way of lungeing. Take a look at how good Gladur developed in nine month training!

This photo ist from June 2008, before Yvonne started working with our course:


And look at him nine month later:


Yvonne wrote: “I have to admit, we needed some time and patience. Not everybody understood what I was doing when I was working with Gladur in this way. But in the end, my horse not only buffed up amazingly, no: He also gained more trust in me and gained more self-esteem by executing the exercises correctly and being praised like he had just conquered the world.”

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