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Babette’s Cavesson

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Babette’s Cavesson

I recommend using a cavesson for doing the work as set out in our Lungeing Course.  But up to now I was not 100% happy with any cavesson you could buy.

So now there is a cavesson that you can buy that I have developed myself.

–>> To order Babette’s cavesson at once click here. <<–


Description of the Cavesson

The cavesson is made out of high quality beta-biothane. It has metal fittings in three parts.  The padding over the nose is made of soft rubber covered in neoprene.  This padding ensures that the metal fittings sit snugly on the horse’s nose.  Both of the two side rings of the metal fittings are attached lower down than they are usually.  This means that as well as being used for simple lungeing work the cavesson can also be used for riding, double lungeing or working in-hand.

Tania’s Anthony, a handsome Haflinger, wearing my cavesson made in brown/black:


Here you can clearly see the padded nose piece:


Here Buddy shows us nicely how well the nose part fits:


The poll strap is also well padded with neoprene so that the sensitive poll area is not pressurised.  All the buckles are backed with biothane and neoprene so that they cannot dig in anywhere.

The padding under the poll strap is stitched on so that you can turn the poll strap over.   You can buckle the thicker or the thinner side to the front according to whichever fits your horse better.

The poll strap:


Size and Colour

At the moment the cavesson is only available in a standard size.  The photos below show that this standard size fits both large and small heads.  At the moment the cavesson is only available in black.

At  a weight of 930g it is quite lightweight in comparison to other sturdy cavessons.  All the materials used are high quality and will not rust.  The cavesson is hand made.

Looks great on mule heads too!


What is Biothane?

Biothane is a strong woven polyester with a protective coating layer.   The material has many distinctive and positive qualities:

  • Biothane is very easy to care for – when it is dirty it only needs a wipe to clean it.
  • Biothane retains its shape at any temperature.
  • Biothane is practically impossible to break and very long-lived.
  • Biothane does not get brittle or become mouldy
  • Biothane is pleasant to handle and for the horse to wear.

Why not leather?

I am often asked why I have chosen biothane rather than leather.

For ethical reasons I am a vegan and I do not want either to use or sell any products made from animals.

For some information on leather production please click here and here.

Here are a couple of photos that show all the different sorts of heads that the cavesson fits.

In this one the proud Andalusian Marla is wearing my cavesson:


In this one it is worn by my Ronaldo, who is a Hanovarian measuring 183cm, the largest horse we have in our stables:


This is our Shetland Buddy.  Standing 105cm high he is the smallest (speaking of course purely in terms of physical height ;-)) that we have here:


This is Hetja, an Icelandic mare:


It even fits a Noriker!  Admittedly the straps are at the limit and it needed a couple of additional holes, but the metal nose fittings fit very well!



And this is Funny, an Arab mare:


I often hear the worry expressed that a cavesson straps the horse’s mouth shut.  With a softly padded cavesson which fits well that is happily not the case. As Marla and Ronni are demonstrating here….


What luck!  The treats are still very tasty!



The cavesson costs € 295.- + postage and packaging.  There is of course no risk attached to buying my cavesson.  If you do not like it or it does not fit the horse, just send it back to me.

You can order my cavesson here.


The cavesson is made by hand.  You might have to wait a while for your order.

Feedback on the cavesson:

Hello Mrs Teschen,

Your cavesson arrived on Friday.  It is well made.  In contrast to leather the material is soft straight away and does not need to be worn in.  I fitted it straight away.  The whole thing is so well thought out that every strap, every buckle and the metal fittings sit perfectly where they should.  It fitted my Freiberger as if it had been specially tailored for him and I worked with it straight away.  Sam felt happy with it immediately and relaxed much more quickly than with other cavessons which unfortunately did not fit perfectly.  Positioning, changing hands, bending, u-turns – the aids could be given and carried out with absolute precision, the ground work was great too.  No slipping, no false pressure.  It was a really great feeling for both of us.

I have been lungeing again today and received a lot of praise for my nicely bent, freely moving, relaxed and responsive horse.  When they asked how much the cavesson cost I made no bones about telling them and they did say“You can get them cheaper than That”.  Well, yes, thanks, but we’ve been there before and the previous ones were not particuarly cheap either.  For me and my horses – it fits my warmblood mare perfectly too, by the way – your cavesson is worth every penny.  My horses show me that and I am sure we are going to be very happy with it.  I can recommend the cavesson with the best conscience, as due to  the good fit some problems could be resolved right away, in Sam’s case for example he was positioning himself turned to the outside with a hollow back  – caused by incorrect pressure exerted through a cavesson that did not fit.  He now moves perfectly “in his tracks”.  That is something we can now build on.  

Heartfelt thanks and best wishes

Renate Sikora


Dear Mrs Teschen,
I ordered your cavesson a few weeks ago and want to thank you.  I was more than happy to receive the cavesson so quickly as I was expecting to have to wait for delivery.  So it was an unexpected pleasure to have it arrive so soon!  I was equally impressed with the cavesson itself.  Just the craftsmanship impressed me straight away.  Light and flexible!  Really great!  The buckles are pleasingly easy to adjust.  They are big enough to allow adjustment on the horses head to be carried out easily.  I have been considering getting your cavesson for some time and the critical feature for me was that it could be correctly fitted to so many different horses’ heads and the soft, light material.  And I must say that I was not disappointed in any way.  It fits very well on every horse and even my thoroughbred mare (a former racehorse) took to it straight away.  I am particularly impressed as she tends to react to gentle types of pressure and restriction by holding her breath.  This is now no longer the case.  The stability is impressive too!

Thank you so much for investing so much time and patience in developing a piece of training equipment which is really very good and very recommendable.  It is 100% worth the money and saving up for it was worthwhile.  My dear Quws and me and all the other horses with which I am working would like to thank you very much indeed!

All the best

Susanne Freitag


Dear Babette,

The cavesson arrived here on Friday and since then has been used a lot on all the furry noses that me and my colleagues have come across   We have been searching for ages for a cavesson that does not just fit one horse, that fits well, works precisely and is well padded as well.  My boss has one that is about 20 years old, from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, that one can simply put on and it stays put.  It is, however, hardly padded at all and therefore no childrens toy.  Really unsuitable for young or tricky horses or indeed for unpractised people with the result that it was simply not being used any more.  So we settled down to searching…and searched..and tested…and searched…and were nearly at the point of contacting a saddler to try and develop one ourselves.

We don’t need to do that any more, we’ve got what we want! 

One really does see that you have thought about it thoroughly and know what it needs to do…from cheeky Friesen to hypersensitive Arab heads all our four footed friends agreed, it never slipped in any way at all and it was also no problem to put a bridle over it for the in-hand warm up work.  So real praise to you and your team!  We are certainly going to recommend you to quite a few people (and there’s probably going to be at least one more order from us too),

all best wishes from the Sintakt trainees

Yvette and Nele


I have been using the cavesson developed by Babette on lungeing courses for more than a year.  I was very glad to have it as no other one was suitable for many of the horses.  They were often horses with poll problems, unusually shaped heads, very sensitive horses or Spanish horses with scars from serretas.  This cavesson fits every horse head so far.  Because of the exact fit and the soft padding I have never had a horse on my courses try to resist on me so far.  I have been following the development of this cavesson.  I know how much energy, blood, sweat, tears and investment has gone into the project.  I think I would have given up in despair if it had been me doing it.  Many thanks, Babette, that you stuck at it in spite of the sleepless nights and that this good quality cavesson is finally available.

 Petra Hamer


I’ ve got one too and it is really worth the money!  I tried 5 other cavessons before it  but this one sits on my horse’s nose as if moulded to it.  As it fits so well to so many different horses’ noses, one can club together and buy it for the stables and share it.  With 3 owners it is then “only” 100 Euros each.  For which your horses will thank you with some beautiful positioning and bending!

Daniela Probst


Daniela’s Arab half-bred gelding Nippi

(Translated by Katy Schütte)

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