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Our Lungeing Course

A self-teaching course by Babette Teschen.

So that your horse can carry weight without damaging effects to its body in the long term, it needs to learn to round up its back, raise its shoulder and take up weight with its hindquarters. This is exactly what you can teach it on the lunge! If you would like to teach your horse how to move in a healthy and good way, you might want to take a look at our self-teaching A Course in Lungeing.


Did you know . . .

  • that a curve is a particularly tricky challenge for a horse?
  • that horses need systematically to learn how to move in a circle because they cannot naturally do so?
  • that a lot of so called “bad behaviour” (on the lunge as well as under saddle) is not the horse being deliberately disobedient but simply caused by it being over faced and unable to do many of the things demanded of it?
  • that proper lungeing is unfortunately very rare?
  • that you can do a lot for your horse’s good health with proper lungeing training and damage your horse with bad lungeing?
  • that you can prepare your horse really well for the tasks it should tackle as a riding horse with proper training on the lunge?
  • that a lot of problems that you experience when riding can easily be solved on the lunge?

Defective knowledge and a lack of method-know-how lead to a lot of lungeing whichmakes depressing viewing. For a horse to move properly it must first learn something new, something that it cannot naturally do, which is to move correctly in a circle. And unfortunately that is something that very few horses are really shown how to do.

Watch this movie

This movie shows, what the course has to offer:


(Translated by Katy Schütte)


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