You and Your Horse

Finding your own way with horses


A very warm welcome to our website “You and Your Horse”!

We are Babette Teschen and Tania Konnerth, both horse lovers since childhood. We have been working and living with horses for over 35 years now and we admit to making plenty of mistakes during that time.  On growing older we have come more and more to reflect on and question our actions. We have opened ourselves up to allow the horses to teach us rather than for us to teach them something and so we have experienced exciting new ways and incredible joy in being with these wonderful, forgiving creatures.

We have published articles and courses for several years now for our German readers and we are now starting this English version.  We hope that you will find this site as inspiring and encouraging as our users in Germany do. Please excuse any misspelling or grammatical mistakes. We do have support through English translators (many thanks to Katy and Gesine!), but we also translate some texts by ourselves and we try our very best!

What you will find on this website:

  • In our blog we will regularly publish articles to help you with many different problems or situations concerning the handling and training of horses.
  • You can write to us in order to make suggestions for topics or ask questions – we will try our best to help you with suggestions and ideas.
  • With our lungeing course (translated by Katy Schütte) we offer you a tutorial for teaching yourself ways to help your horse to move well and in a healthy way.

We hope that we can give you food for thought so that you can find your own way to enjoy life with your horse.


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